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Solar-powered aircraft have circled fly halfway around the world

According to USA today, Solar aircraft Solar Impulse moisturiser 2 in the local time on June 11, a safe landing in New York in the United States, this is the last stop in the United States. In the past more than 1 year, Solar Impulse moisturiser 2 has completed flight around halfway around the world, is about to complete journey round the world.

Because don't want to miss the "city that never sleeps" landmarks, the pilot Andre thibaut berg (Andre Borschberg) driving Solar Impulse moisturiser 2 in New York harbor and circled the statue of liberty, the final landing at Kennedy international airport. The flight taking off from Allentown, Pennsylvania, 5 hours of voyage.

Since last year, Mr Boulter berg and his colleagues, Bertrand Piccard (Bertrand Piccard) by not using dye or zero-emission driving Solar Impulse moisturiser 2 to travel around the world. Two pilots fly in turn. The plane took off from San Francisco, respectively, in phoenix Tours, Dayton and landed in London, finally finish the trip to the United States in New York.

Solar Impulse moisturiser 2 world tour began in March 2015, start from ABU dhabi. After many flying across Asia, then the bott's fly continuous solo complete the furthest distance in the world. Last summer, Mr Boulter berg took 4 days 21 hours and 52 minutes from Japan to Hawaii.

A record flight aircraft battery damage. Because need time to repair, positive changes lead to reduce sunshine, Mr Boulter's world tour and piccard decided to cancel 1 years to complete the plan, the Solar Impulse moisturiser 2 winter in Hawaii. In late April, this solar plane taking off from Hawaii to San Francisco.

After leaving New York, Solar Impulse moisturiser 2 will complete the last two standing journey, leap in the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean to ABU dhabi end point. Piccard will complete the flight to fly the Atlantic.

Besides sailing record, Mr Boulter berg and piccard also hope to raise public awareness of climate change, show the great potential of renewable energy. Piccard said last year: "the most important thing is not to create a world record, but what can we do with clean energy, such as can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and stimulate economic growth, etc."

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